Sunday, January 08, 2006

Finding Food

I'm on a crusade. You see, I'm fed up. Fed up with eating bad food. Why should I go out and spend money on food that's not great? I can't stand the feeling of spending a few bucks on a bagel w/ cream cheese and white fish salad, only to find out that it SUCKS. Or buying a turkey, ham and swiss hero, only to discover that the bread is stale, or the sandwich wasn't made the right way. (Yes - there is a special way to make hero's. You have to stack the meats a certain way, and apply the right amount of mayo and lettuce and be honest, I can't remember the last time I had a good, quality hero. Actually, I take that back. It was at a place in Rivervale, NJ near the Riverside Square Mall. When I remember the name, I'll certainly include it in this blog).

And that's the point of my crusade. I'm here to tell the world about all the GREAT places to buy food in Northern NJ.

I mean - we all love food right? We all spend lots and lots of money on food. I don't know about you, but I can't stand a bad meal. I can't stand wasting money on a subpar meal. My goal is to eat well - all the time. If I'm spending $6.99 on a chicken w/ broccoli lunch special at John's Shanghai - that broccoli better be damn fresh. You see, most Chinese Restaurants don't use fresh vegetables, or quality cuts of chicken and beef. So, you know what? I don't go to those places. I go to the best in the area. John's Shanghai, for example, is a terrific Chinese joint right in my neck of the woods - Edgewater, NJ. They use very fresh ingredients, and, through trial and error, I know exactly what's safe to order. They serve fantasic Pork Juice Buns, a solid Beef w/ Broccoli and a great Mango Shrimp dish. But - stay the hell away from the Mongolian Beef. You're way better off ordering that at P F Chang's in West New York.

The point is - when you're hungry, and you don't know what to eat, or where to go....check out this Blog. Suggestions and reviews will be posted every week on where to go and what to order. I'm here to tell you where to get the good stuff. All Aboard.


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